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Do you know a new wood stove is a very viable alternative to a traditional boiler or heating system? Knowing this is not enough, you have t know how to purchase the right wood burning stove. Learn more about Vesta Stoves double sided wood burner, go here. 


To start with, there are two types of wood burning stoves; radiant and the circulating. Both are made of outer steel shell or cast-iron only that the circulating oven has an inner pocket where the air is heated and then moves into the room; on the other side, radiant stove just absorbs heat from the fire and then radiates it to the chamber. The two types are not as efficient as boilers and furnaces, but they are far much better in efficiency than older wood stoves. For more useful reference, have a peek here


The good thing about this stoves is that wood is cheap. Even for those who live in the middle of a big city, you can still access scrap wood and discarded pallets in city offices, stores, construction sites and so on either free of charge or at a throwaway price. All you need is untreated and bug-free wood to help heat your home. 


Factoring in that wood is not a clean-burning, ensure that the wood burning stove which you buy has Environment Protection Agency stamp; this is the body which is responsible for setting limits for emissions. The new wood burning stoves models are sealed to keep smoke out of your home; the manufacturers have ensured that the stove has no leaks of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and the tiny particles out of the stove.


Have a look at the efficiency of the wood stove. To enhance the efficiency, the latest wood stove models have a catalytic converter or a baffle; this is used to get most out of fuel meaning small wood amounts will still give you a lot of heat. On top of this, the gas from the wood passes through the catalytic converter, where the temperatures are too high to ignite them and generate more heat. All you need to do is to ensure the catalytic converter is changed after a while.


Finally, you also have to get tips on how to do the right installation of the wood stove; if incorrectly installed it can be a fire risk. This means you should hire an expert to do the installation or in case the dealer offers this as after sale service the better for a you-In fact this is a requirement of the local building code. Please view this site for further details.